Great Walks Around Brighouse

Walks Around Brighouse


Top Tips?
Whenever you go for a long or short walk on your own, with a dog or in a group of professional walkers, you should always prepare take some fresh water, a chocolate bar or suitable biscuit to give you an energy boost, warm clothes and suitable shoes, you never know how the weather may change and sometime you lose track of time when you’re walking, it’s a good idea to pace yourself and if you intend to return on the same route, turn back before half way time wise this give you an extra time if you are slowing down or getting tired, first few walks you take, always use a popular route then if you get tiered there is generally someone around to help you.

Ever thought of a walk at the side of the canal? Normally they are good for most walker, they tend to be flat with very few steep climbs (apart for places like ‘the five rise locks in Bingley’), on the whole they tend to have a tow path which is normally fairly clear of weeds and nettles,(they also tend to be wider and some are wheelchair suitable although check before you go as sometimes there may be cobble stones and steep paths near locks and bridges?) also there is something about walking by the water site that is very calming with the ripple of flowing water,(do not get too close to the edge as some people can get dizzy near flowing water) another  thing about walking on towpaths is there is normally an abundance of wild life and fish jumping out of the water attracting Herons and Kingfishers along with many more attractive birds, an added bonus is watching the narrow boats going through the locks. ENJOY?

A good starting point in Brighouse is starting from the Bethel Street Car Park, from here you can take the West or East direction, depending on your fitness and time a good starting point would be to take the (walk 1) West which is past the side of the Market where you are overlooked by the tall ex Sugdens flour mill tower silo now a climbing club, this walk takes you round the Brookfoot area and then passing the ex Kosset Carpet Mill with an array of wildlife in this area, there are a few steep bits and cobbles on this path that makes it not really suitable for wheelchairs.

Further along is a large lake formally the ‘Elliot’s Sand and Gravel Pits’ now a water skiing lake if you’re lucky you may see them jumping off the ramp in the middle of the lake, this area now becomes Cromwell Bottom (some say this was named after Oliver Cromwell)? further along is the ‘Wildlife Centre’ again this area is teaming with wildlife and if you carefully look in the trees you may see some of these beautiful pre-historic looking Herons as they make their precarious nest high in the tree tops,

This is roughly half way to Elland Bridge so may be a good opportunity to have a rest or turn back if you’re feeling a little tied.

Moving along as you pass the edge of the old Brick works and the old former site of the Elland Power Station which now forms part of a new massive industrial estate., also in the area is WT Knowles and Sons clay pipe and chimney manufactures since 1906 now in their fourth generation and they still use 6 of the old traditional Draught Beehive Kilns, further on is the Collers Arms which is a popular tie up watering hole for the barges as you pass on a little further there is one of the original Lock Keepers Houses looking at this small shack like building it is hard to think sometimes these small houses supported a full family, further along you come to the former Station Hotel then renamed Barge and Barrel which I believe has just recently reopened after been closed for several months.

This once popular watering hole was primarily built for the Rail Station hence its name which was just across the road although it has been closed for a number of years, although the Brighouse train still use this line, over the years the Barge and Barrel has tried several ways to attract customers including having live bands, even its own brewery at one time, today as we have reached Elland Bridge it brings our walk to an end, although you still have to go back? Those who want to go on further the canal continues through Copley to Sowerby Bridge.

Walk 2 (this walk is not suitable for wheelchairs in places and you may have to travel part on the road and part on the towpath).

Again starting from the Bethel Street Car Park this time turning left as you face the canal from the car park and passing the waterside Hotel ‘The Waterfront Hotel and Venue and Prego Italian Cafe Bar & Restaurant’ and under the Huddersfield Road at the site of the tall mill now the home for the modern apartments with their balconies overlooking Brighouse ‘Millroyd Mill Apartments’ also is Sainsbury supermarket before you reach the canal basin (some cobble sets in places) which originally had several large building some of which were a type of Nissan shelter where the narrow boats were repaired and actually built in Brighouse, as you travel along the towpath passing the Riverside area of Brighouse and under the M62 (junction 25) as you travel on flanked by the Wakefield Road on one side and the River Calder on the other side as it makes its way to Cooper Bridge passing the ‘Reedsmire Pond’ as it continues winding on eventually reaching  Mirfield and Dewsbury (although I haven’t been on this route for many years and as I remember it wasn’t the best of paths as it intertwines with the river, I will try and find out more or some kind person may let me know?).

More Walks Around Brighouse to Follow.