The Blackpool of Hove Edge

Was this Small Yorkshire Village at one time the Blackpool of Brighouse?


Hove Edge. Once was not only a vast mining village but also the Blackpool of Brighouse and West Yorkshire, where thousands of people would descend on this small West Yorkshire Village with it’s amazing rides and attractions which was at one time second to none.

The village of hove edge is one of those small West Yorkshire villages that people often drive through without really knowing anything about the village, maybe not even noticing they had actually passed through this small village with a offset crossroad and a couple of shops, but have no idea what this small village holds in its past?

For most people even many locals just think of it as a place that joins the John King, Slead Sykes area of Brighouse with Hipperholme and that’s as far as they see this village.

Another thing in the Sunny Valley was the Sunny Vale Pleasure Gardens or Sunny Bunces Amusements as locals called it after the park owner (Mr Joseph Bunce ) who built this outstanding 20 acre fun park complete with its own twin boating lakes, indoor skating park, arcade games, train, boat swings and an assortment of fairground rides, on a weekend masses of families from all over the north of England would make their way down Half House Lane, for many this may have been their first visit to any kind of fun park and as they walked down the lane the kids would be totally blown away especially when they saw the overhead cable cars carrying the stone up from the valley and every time it went over a cable joint system bits of stone would fall from one of the trucks making a loud noise followed by a cloud of dust as they landed on the catchment mesh that protected the public from the falling stone, some of the families would spend ages just staring up at the overhead trucks (I remember as a small kid this was amazing to see).

They continued down the lane until they reached the massive Sunny Bunces entrance with Holly and Rhododendrons  bushes enticing the public to the row of metal turnstiles on the right at the junction with Mill Hill Lane as it joined the Hipperholme road.

Sunny Bunces was like no other place maybe because it was in the bottom of the valley the noise of laughter and screaming was almost deafening in some areas especially near the skating area as the skates made their way round and round this wood covered floor.

 Sadly in the late 50s or early 60s it lost its attraction as the new bigger and more exciting parks were opening all over and with the new faster cars, buses and coaches a day trip could take you further afield, as more cars and coaches became available to take people further afield, this brought an end to this Yorkshire attraction although it soon became a bit of a play area for local kids to play, in the seventies the now filled in boating lake made way for cart racing and then the new banger stock car racing although Bradford and especially Belle Vue were bigger and more exciting race tracks, which was parps the final nail in the coffin for the Sunny Bunces as it sadly closed for ever.