Calderdale Council have gone mad? They have closed Bailiff Bridge Library, their alleged excuse they say is they have been quoted half a million pounds (£500,000.00 I am sure you could build a new library for less?) just for repairing the roof of the library how can this be true?

I don’t know where they get their prices from no wonder they make a mess of everything they do when they get wild quotes like this, can this just be another ploy to get rid of what they think is deadwood as they consider anything they can sell off or turn into a car park that is making easy money rather than letting locals learn knowledge and enjoying a social spirit. All they want to is to get rid of, just so they can sell the building off for peanuts for some rich developer to get richer?

As far as Calderdale Council and our so called Councillors who are suppose to be supporting our interest, they think a library is for reading books and messing about on computers? Well this is just a small point of what a library does for the village, it is for many a necessity and for many more it is a reason to live?  

Some people mostly older people enjoy coming to their local library to read the News Papers and maybe some books and for some spend a little time on a computer. This maybe because they do not get newspapers because they are no longer delivered by most news paper shops, many of these people also do not have computers or broadband, but most of all a lot of these vulnerable people unable to afford daily newspapers or broadband, there is also a social aspect to this and for a lot of people it is the only chance they get to see other friends.

The library is also vital for young people and we should never ever restrict access to books, newspapers and internet to these young people and their parents who are trying their best to educate their young children in a hope they will not miss out on their education. How can we put a price on this?

 I am hoping to set up a ‘Friends of Bailiff Bridge Library’ charity were we can organize events to save our library and hopefully raise money to repair the roof and get the library reopened as well as organize volunteers to run the library once we get it reopened.

If anybody thinks they would like to help no matter whatever time they have spare or anybody who would consider making a small or large donation please get in touch, also we need people skills to help with our cause whatever way you can help we would be forever grateful.

I am sure you all know builders and roofers who are not only capable of repairing the library roof but for a lot less than the £500,000.00 the council are quoting?

Please help us if you can.