Lost Community


This is a vew of Brighouse from one persons eyes and we know restrictions due to the Pandemic have changed some aspects of this content.

Lost community? Well looking around the town it doesn’t take you long to understand what has gone wrong with this once Great Yorkshire Town.

How come the Calderdale Council and our so called representative that we voted for have totally ruined our Town and yet nobody seems to care anymore? ‘am I the only person in Brighouse that gives a dam about OUR Town’?

Well why oh Why do you still keep voting for these same people who apparently take alleged thousands of pound to ruin and spoil our old historical buildings down to eyesores (like the old swimming pool) so they don’t get objections to pull down our lovely building or allegedly sell them off for redevelopment like Bailiff Bridge Library and it even now it looks like Hipperholme may be on the list?

Between them they have ruined and killed off our ‘Town Market’ remember we are a market town (so why don’t we have a ‘Market)? Like the thriving markets of Lancashire? I will tell you why it’s because they don’t give a DAM about our Town, Market or the Community.

It makes me so mad to see how they have not only ruined our town and community spirit but spoilt it for our future generations, what will our younger generation do! they will do what they do now as it is the only thing for many of our younger ones to do, that’s stay in and play on their games not because this is what they want to do but because this seems to be the only thing they can do as our Councillors and Council have not only restricted the next generations outlook on life, but made it so easy for them and their parents to stop at home playing on their phones all day.

Let’s get our Yorkshire towns back under control of people who care and do give a dam, START NOW by voting for caring independent Councillors or a party that cares not Conservative. (have you ever tried to ask them for help)? Don’t Bother.