Welcome to Brighouse and its Surrounding Villages

Brighouse and Surrounding Villages

Meet Brighouse and The Villages below with a brief insight

3 Villages With Totally Different Outlooks

 This small group of villages strictly speaking are all part of the same ward of Halifax although its close proximally with Brighouse and its villages it is often thought of as part of Brighouse. Hipperholme is a Village built on the crossroads and renowned for it’s Superior Education Establishments and is still one of the smaller villages that can boast a very busy village Shopping Centre. Lightcliffe once popular for its Quarries and Small Local farms Now a Highly populated village. Norwood Green is The Place To LIVE (IF ONLY WE COULD)?


This former Textile, Engineering and Flour Mill Town. Although most of it’s history is now overshadowed by the new modern Brighouse with its easy transport connections it has became a great place to commute to some of the North’s leading Cities including Bradford, Leeds and Manchester, it even has a direct Train to London. Not forgetting the famous Brighouse and Rastrick Band, although their centre is now located at Hove Edge? FIND OUT MORE?


 The First thing you will reflect on, when visiting Clifton or Thornhill’s is the Stunning Views overlooking Brighouse and Beyond. Although as you delve a little deeper you will realize why these Village’s are so popular for both Newcomers and Locals to settle down.
Only a Stones Throw from Brighouse but the hillside farm land transports you to the countryside especially in Thornhills.  FIND OUT MORE?

The True Pub Crawl

 Rastrick built on an elevated hillside overlooking Brighouse. Once a prominent village that originally dominated Brighouse and it is thought that the old wooden bridge that Brighouse took its name from was in fact part of Rastrick. At one time it had an official  pub crawl although it still has quite a few pubs not many still take part in this old tradition mainly due to cost? FIND OUT MORE? 

The Blackpool of Brighouse

Hove Edge. Once was not only a vast mining village but also the Blackpool of Brighouse and West Yorkshire, where thousands of people would descend on this small West Yorkshire Village with it’s amazing rides and attractions which was at one time second to none. Later to become a centre for the Banger Stock Car Racing. Read More? 

The Carpet Village

This Former Carpet Village was once dominated by the T. F. Firths Carpet Mill that not only owned most of the village but more or less all village life revolved around this World Famous Carpet Company they even made carpets for the Queen Mary, It now is a popular Village for Commuters, Take Away’s, and Hairdressers.
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